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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Whipping Boys

Certain players often get a hard time from fantasy baseball enthusiasts...even when they have no fantasy value to begin with.

It's Neifi!

I'm thinking of guys such as....

Willie Bloomquist, MARINERS:
Career .264 hitter, .313 OBP, 3 HR in 754 AB, .314 SLG

He can run (40 for 48 in career SB attempts, good, smart baserunner too) and can play numerous positions...I suppose the main criticism relating to how he's been used is that HE GETS TOO MANY AT BATS! Maybe 150 or less would be best? Better than the 190-250 he's been getting each year. It wouldn't stop him from getting into 80 or 90 games if he was used properly by the manager. Pinch runner, defensive replacement, at bats in blowouts etc. He could be the hitting equivalent of the mop-up pitcher. Personally, I think he would be a solid 25th man on the roster.

Juan Castro, TWINS:
Career .231 hitter in 2009 AB, .270 OBP (!!!), 31 HR, .337 SLG, 5 SB in 12 Attempts other words, he brings next to nothing offensively, can't steal bases...but HEY at least he is a very good, versatile defensive player who can play 2B, 3B, SS and a bit of 1B.

The first two are part-time players
..................................................but NOT.......NEIFI PEREZ....THE WHIPPING BOY!

Owner of one of the most unpleasant swings I've ever seen (sort of a two handed uppercut flailing motion which often results in weak popups to shallow outfield), Neifi is dumped on by baseball bloggers all over North America.

Career: .269 BA, .299 OBP, .377 SLG, 61 HR in 4866 AB, 56 SB in 100 attempts

To be fair, Neifi is a SOLID defensive shortstop who can also handle second base and a bit of third. BUT WHY HAS HE BEEN USED AS A #2 HITTER SO OFTEN IN HIS CAREER?

If he has to be a starter or someone who starts 80% of all games...SO BE IT. But why not just stick him in the 8 hole permanently? That's where he belongs. It shouldn't affect his defense!

DON'T MANAGERS RESEARCH AND STUDY STATS? On Base Percentage is more telling than Batting Average. Some players can bat .269 (as Perez has averaged) and still get on base 35% of the time...With Neifi, you should know what you're getting. It boggles the mind that a guy who gets on 30% of the time would be used in the top third of the order. Having Neifi and Corey Patterson (.296 OBP) in the 1 and 2 spots much of 2005 is the main reason Derek "ONLY" had 107 RBI last season. What a shame. You wonder how some managers are even involved in the game of baseball.


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